Mani Monday – Red

Update on my computer: it’s dead. I’ll get a new one by the end of the week so life (and posts) willl go back to normal. You never know how bad I needed my laptop til I didn’t have it. Here’s a mani Monday that was a bit of a fail.

This mani only lasted 3 days before my nails got so ratchet I had to take it off

I used Sinful Colors’ Dream On. At first I loved the purple-ish color on the bottle. The formula was matte which I didn’t like, so I used my orly topcoat and changed many things. The color changed to a more red color and the Polish was no longer matte. Maybe that contributed to the chipping. Less than 5 days later the nail polish had totally chipped. My nails were so ugly I decided to just take off the nail polish.

Mani Monday (On a Tuesday)

For this week, I decided to go with polishes I found at Sally’s. They had a clearance sale and I bought 2 Orly Epix nail polishes, along with the sealing topcoat for $2.50 each, so I was very happy about the savings.  I bought Such a Criticwhich is a nice purple color. It looks like a purple color with pink undertones on the bottle.

One of the first things that I noticed was that this nail polish was super light. I used 3 coats of this nail polish. I waited around 15 minutes before applying each coat, just to make sure that the polish was dry. After the third coat, I applied the seal coat. This is the first time I use an Orly nail polish and this particular type of colors are the flexible colors. These type of nails require two steps: the color and the top coat that comes along with the line.

I love the color, it is a cute purple color and it is great for summer. The only thing that I did not like about this nail polish is that as it dried along with the top coat, the nails became streaky and uneven. If you look closely at some of my nails you can see that in the middle of the nail, it almost looks translucent.  But from far away, I guess no one will be able to tell.

I love the colors, but I just wish that the consistency was better. But for $2.50 each, I will take it!

Mani Monday – Fresh Air

Hey, look! I’m actually on time for a Mani Monday. I graduated college this past Saturday so hopefully that will mean that I will post most often and regularly. Because I graduated, I wanted to have some nice nails.

I have a confession to make – I have never been to a nail salon. My main reason is because I just love doing my nails, I find it relaxing. Another is the cost, I can create a decent manicure without paying an outrageous amount of money for it. For my graduation, I was thinking of what my nails were going to be like. Do I get a cute nail polish? Do I go to a salon? What do I do? I decided to meet my thought halfway.

I got the Kiss Nails Gel Fantasy nails in the style Fresh Air. I bought these at CVS and they were a little over $8. They are a nice pink color that matched and complimented my dress.

If you follow my blog, you will notice that I have used press on nails in the past and they haven’t always been the best option. I love these nails, they are short and I feel like I applied the nails better than the last time. Even though I love the nails, there are some issues with them. The glue that it comes with is hard to press out, the tube is hard and when you are applying the nails with the non-dominant hand, it is a struggle. My recommendation would be to either use another type of glue, I saw one that came in a nail polish-type bottle and i feel like that would be better for the application. Also, you could have someone help you.

For a manicure that’s less than $10, these nails are amazing.

Mani Monday – Space Nails

For this week, I was going to with the color Lie-Lac from Sinful colors, but I stopped at Five Below and found some cute nail polishes and nail decals.

For the nail color, I used two coats of  Minty Fresh from the Kylie Jenner Sinful Colors collection. As I bought these at Five Below, it’s safe to assume that you probably can’t find these at regular stores. But I have seen them at Five Below (obviously) and at the Dollar Tree, so go out and explore.

I wanted to add something more to the nails and I found some nail decals in the store. I am not sure of the brand, but the package included almost 200 nail decals for $2, what a deal! There were many types of nail decals, some even Ouija board inspired, you’ll definitely find some cute ones.  I waited until I was sure that my nails were dry and then added the nail stickers. TIP: I used a pair of tweezers to make sure that my nails were in the place I wanted them to be.

Mani Monday – Mauve Over

Welcome to the first Mani Monday of March! I can’t believe it’s March already, time is flying way too fast.

For this week I am wearing a nail polish I bought a couple of weeks ago, it’s Mauve Over by Sally Hansen. I love it, it looks pink-ish in some light while it also looks brown in some light. This is a nice color for the winter/spring transition.

I used two coats of the nail polish, topped off with my Wet n’ Wild top coat. I love that top coat. It works with most nail polishes.

What’s your favorite spring nail color?