May Playlist

Sorry for lack of updates. My computer decided to die ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

What are you listening to?

1. Desi Valentine โ€“ Eyes on me

2. Mating Ritual โ€“ I Wear Glasses

3. Public โ€“ Make You Mine

4. Fort Lean โ€“ Quiet Day

5. James Young โ€“ We Wonโ€™t

6. Kendrick Lamar โ€“ DNA.

7. Phebe Starr โ€“ Feel My Love

8. Cherub – โค (Heart)

9. Beach House โ€“ Space Song

10. Dresses โ€“ Catch

11. The Young Wild โ€“ Not a one

12. The Echo Friendly โ€“ Fuck It and Whatever

13. Two Door Cinema Club โ€“ Next Year

14. The Fratellis โ€“ Whistle For The Choir

15. Kings Of Leon โ€“ Waste A Moment

16. Melanie Martinez โ€“ Training Wheels

17. Harry Styles โ€“ Sweet Creature

18. Lion Bark โ€“ Come Into My Arms

19. The Lumineers โ€“ Sleep On The Floor

20. In The Valley Below โ€“ Peaches

21. B Miles โ€“ Salt

22. Luis Fonsi โ€“ Despacito

23. Lady Gaga โ€“ Just Another Day

24. George Ezra โ€“ Blame It on Me

25. Calvin Harris โ€“ Rollin

26. Barcelona โ€“ Cure

27. The Lightning Seeds โ€“ Change

28. The Maine โ€“ Another Night On Mars

29. Tor Miller โ€“ Baby Blue

30. Bahamas โ€“ All The Time

31. The Griswolds โ€“ Anna Sun

April 2017 Playlist

  1. Drake โ€“ Passionfruit
  2. Selena Gomez โ€“ Only You
  3. Swet Shop Boys โ€“ T5
  4. Culture Club โ€“ Karma Chameleon
  5. Swet Shop Boys โ€“ Aaja
  6. Harry Styles โ€“ Sign of the Times
  7. Ahmed Rushdi โ€“ Song of Wonder
  8. The Killers โ€“ Read My Mind
  9. New Order โ€“ Bizzare Love Triangle
  10. Corona โ€“ The Rhythm of the Night
  11. Night Riots โ€“ Back to Your Love
  12. Rainbow Kitten Surprise โ€“ All That and More (Sailboat)
  13. Khalid โ€“ American Teen
  14. Moon Taxi โ€“ Morocco
  15. Tristen Beer โ€“ Promises
  16. The Technicolors โ€“ Songbird
  17. Lady Gaga โ€“ The Cure
  18. Oh Honey โ€“ Take All The Time You Need
  19. ZAYN โ€“ Like I Would
  20. Imagine Dragons โ€“ Believer
  21. Johnny Cash โ€“ Godโ€™s Gonna Cut You Down
  22. Lorde โ€“ Green Light
  23. Kendrick Lamar โ€“ HUMBLE.
  24. Houndmouth โ€“ Darlinโ€™
  25. Seagulls โ€“ You & Me
  26. Strangers You Know โ€“ Shoot Me Down
  27. Prince โ€“ When Doves Cry
  28. Mary J. Blige โ€“ Family Affair
  29. Angus Maude โ€“ Capo 9
  30. Desi Valentine โ€“ Eyes On Me

What are you listening to?

March Playlistย 

These are some of the songs that I listened to this month. What have you been listening to?

  1. Lana Del Ray โ€“ Love
  2. Family Of The Year โ€“ Hero
  3. Macy Gray โ€“ Kissed It
  4. Phil Collins โ€“ Another Day In Paradise
  5. Laura Branigan โ€“ Self Control
  6. Chris Young โ€“ Gettinโ€™ You Home
  7. Everclear โ€“ I Will Buy You A New Life
  8. I Am Arrows โ€“ Another Picture Of You
  9. The Afters โ€“ Beautiful Love
  10. Amber Run โ€“ I Found
  11. Doc Robinson โ€“ Golden Daze
  12. Morningsiders โ€“ Empress
  13. Ben Kweller โ€“ Out The Door
  14. The Cinematic Orchestra โ€“ To Build A Home
  15. The Head And The Heart โ€“ Rivers and Roads
  16. Aquilo โ€“ Silhouette
  17. Saint Motel โ€“ Cold Cold Man
  18. JR JR โ€“ Gone
  19. HOLYCHILD โ€“ Happy With Me
  20. Hayley Kiyoko โ€“ Gravel To Tempo
  21. Drake โ€“ Get It Together
  22. J Balvin โ€“ Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola
  23. The Griswolds โ€“ Beware The Dog
  24. Saint Motel โ€“ My Type
  25. Knox Hamilton โ€“ Work It Out
  26. Wild Cub โ€“ Thunder Clatter
  27. Kanye West โ€“ The New Workout Plan
  28. Rocio Durcal โ€“ Costumbres
  29. Santo & Johnny โ€“ Sleepwalk
  30. Ariana Grande โ€“ Thinking Bout You
  31. Miranda Lambert โ€“ Mamaโ€™s Broken Heart

Those Jet Pack Blues

Okay, so I had a plan this week to be organized and get shit done and it didn’t start out that way. On Sunday, I just couldn’t sleep, I just couldn’t do it. I was tired, but I really could not bring myself to close my eyes and rest. And because I couldn’t go to sleep, I finally fell asleep at 5 in the morning and woke up super late, too late to go see my professor or pick out my textbook from the bookstore, I guess I’ll just have to do those things early tomorrow morning. I have a quiz tomorrow so I’ll spend some time during my novela watching and study.

I listenedย to the first half of the new Fall Out Boy album American Beauty/American Psycho and so far, so good. My favorite song so far isย Jet Pack Blues,ย that is the song of the day.

There is something that has been bothering me the last couple of days, the fact that there are some things that I cannot know. Example: There’s this really cute guy that I like. For the most part, maybe it’s my wishful thinking, but I really think that he’s single. But here’s the thing, occasionally I see him with this chick (I’m pretty sure she’s married, not to him) but I sometimes get the feeling that they’re just friends and then there are times when I think they might be together. But I don’t know. We’re in weird place where we see each other but it will just make things awkward if I ask. I am debating on whether just letting this play out and let time tell me what’s up or just asking him and get it over with. To be honest, I’m just scared that I’m going to hear something that I don’t want to. It just sucks being out of the loop.

In other news, today I just got some really good news, my Miss A (an accessory shop) has shipped my order and it will hopefully get here in the next couple of days. I won’t list what I bought because I think I’m going to do a haul/review here (probably on Friday)

I’ll leave you guys here. I have to study for a quiz and be prepared to fall on my ass since my apartment building school don’t give a shit and don’t shovel or clean the ice. Wish me luck.

Listen to Jet Pack Blues here: