Mani Monday – Endless Blue

Hey guys! I’m back with another manicure. This week I did a color I normally don’t do. I did a beautiful electric blue. I love this color because it was dark but it wasn’t too dark for the summer. I like to start wearing dark red, grey, and black polishes when the weather gets colder.

This week I did two coats of Endless Blue by Sinful Colors. This was actually my sister’s but she gave it to me since she knows how obsessed I am with nails. Upon looking up this nail polish, I see that it has some fame: It’s featured in the 13 Reasons Why book. I don’t know if it’s featured in the series but I thought that was a cool fact.

What are you wearing??


Mani Monday – Light As a Feather


Hey guys! This week I wanted to do something different with my nails and I went with this very light pink/almost white color. It’s called Light As a Feather by ORLY. I bought this a while ago at Sally’s Beauty, seriously, if you want good and cheap nail polish, hit up Sally’s. They have good prices and sometimes their clearance is an extra 50% off, I paid less than $2 for this polish. I used 3 coats and then used an ORLY flexible sealcoat topcoat to finish it off. The nail polish itself claims to be a base coat, polish and coat so you only need to use that one bottle, but I am 1000% sure that if you don’t use a topcoat, it will chip within hours.

The good: I love the color, as much as I am a fan of a bright red or purple color, it’s always good to wear a nice and neutral color. I think that this color is appropriate for all occasions.

The bad: I don’t know what it is about light colors but I think that sometimes they look dirty, especially white nail polishes. I think I might have to try a better top coat or something. I also didn’t like how it looked like it was going to chip after one or two days of wearing it. I think that I would like to try more colors for me to make a solid opinion on ORLY nail polish.

All in all, I really like this polish. What’s your current nail polish?



Mani Monday – Space Mermaid Nails


For this week’s Mani Monday I wanted to do something cool and unexpected. At first I was going to paint my nails a nice pink or lilac but I decided to try something new and remembered some polishes that I had not played with yet.

For these nails, I used one coat of Black on Black by Sinful Colors and one coat of Eleven, by Fresh Paint.

I bought this nail polish a couple of months ago at Five Below. They kind of remind me of Color Club polishes, they have great colors and most of the time you can get 2 for $5, not expensive at all.

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Mani Monday – Kimono Over

I am so excited to have finally found this nail polish. I remember when Kimono-over from Essie first hit the market. I didn’t get it because most of the time, I tend to either use more affordable brands or use coupons. Either way, I never bought it and over the weekend I went to Sally Beauty and had a coupon so I bought this bad boy for less than $5, what a steal!

This isn’t really a summer color, but it’s a “me” color. I love plums, and this is a beautiful color. You can get away with one coat of polish, but I am a creature of habit so I used 2 coats, then I topped it off with my $0.99 Wet n Wild top coat.

From far away, this color looks black but in the right light, you can see the color in all its glory.

What is “your” color?

Mani Monday – Sunshine!


Hello, for this week’s Mani Monday, I decided to do a very bright nail – I did yellow. I have been searching and searching for a yellow nail polish to love for some time and I have found it in Sinful Colors’ YOLO Yellow. I was a bit skeptical at first but, even though this is a very bright and vibrant yellow, I love how it looks. If you want summer on your nails, get this color!

I used 3 coats and my trusty Wet n Wild 0.99 cent top coat to achieve this look.

What’s your go-to color?