My Huge Nail Polish Collection (100+)

I honestly don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed at this point. Disclaimer: I have collected these nail polishes through the years so don’t think I buy and buy nail polishes every time I leave my house (although I do want to). Believe it or not, I through away some of my nail polishes. I’m renovating/redoing my bedroom so I decided that I should try to organize some of my things, including nail polishes. One idea I had for my room was to get nail polish holders/spice holders and mount them on the wall so I could see them but I don’t think I could fit all of these nail polishes on the wall without something falling down. After I swatched all of them (let me know if you want me to post the pictures!) I counted them all and I have over 120(!) of them. Dear lord.. So without further ado, here is my nail polish collection.  Continue reading

Nails of The Week – Green Thumb

Hey guys! These are my nails for this week. I was looking and looking everywhere for a green nail polish, mostly because green is a color that I don’t wear that often.  I found this Sally Hansen nail polish in the color Green Thumb.

I used two coats of the nail polish, and I used my Wet n wild top coat.

QUESTION TIME: What is your favorite top coat?

Nails! Nails! Nails!

Hey all! I know it’s been a minute (more like a 80 years) since I last posted, so I’m sorry about that. I’m nearing my last days of college and calling these days hectic would be an understatement. So many things to do, so little time…but we’ve got to pull through! Here are the nail polishes that I wore these couples of weeks.

For this first week I used an ELF nail polish called Mango Madness. Remember when elf sold nail polish? At least online. I’ve had this polish for quite a few years so I was surprised it still worked. *elf does sell nail polish, I haven’t seen it online, but I have seen sets of polishes at Forever 21* If you want to achieve this nail color but can’t find this exact one, use Bump Up The Pumps by Essie.

Here is a classic color, this has been one of my favorite nail polishes for the longest time. It’s Purple Potion by Sally Hansen. I love it so much I have 2 bottles of this color. I haven’t been able to find more bottles of this in store, but if I ever find them…you know I’m snatching them up. I like it because it’s purple, with hints of blue and pink. Very electric, very awesome!

Here are my Easter nails. Since I am graduating soon, I’ve been cleaning out and packing up things so I’m starting to use some nail polishes I haven’t used in a some time. I was very surprised at how well this manicure came out. I’ve had this nail polish for years and I they haven’t been used in a long time. The pastel green color is called Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen and the purple/pink is Lilac Pastelle by Revlon.

What are you wearing on your nails right now?

Mani Monday – Mauve Over

Welcome to the first Mani Monday of March! I can’t believe it’s March already, time is flying way too fast.

For this week I am wearing a nail polish I bought a couple of weeks ago, it’s Mauve Over by Sally Hansen. I love it, it looks pink-ish in some light while it also looks brown in some light. This is a nice color for the winter/spring transition.

I used two coats of the nail polish, topped off with my Wet n’ Wild top coat. I love that top coat. It works with most nail polishes.

What’s your favorite spring nail color?

Mani Monday – Wrap It Up

For this week I decided to use the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail wraps in Heartbreaker. I decided to use this particular pattern because I’m a sucker for heart and skulls, the pattern is so cute. I just had to.

The application process was very easy, I would totally recommend this if you want a quick, cheap, (I bought this one at Walmart for $5, but I have seen these at dollar stores) and cute manicure…look no further, this ones are my go-to.

I applied the nail wraps on Friday, and by Monday night most of them were intact…except one. One of my nails has chipped really bad, but other than that, I really love the wraps.

What nail polish are you using? Speaking of dollar stores, I bought a cute L.A. Colors pink nail polish – I hope I get some good results. See ya!