July Playlist

Here’s what I’ve been listening to for the past month, what’s on your playlist? Continue reading



I am done.

I am done pretending that what happened was okay and that you still have room or privilege in my heart.

I am done spending and wasting so much time on you when you clearly moved on.

I am done with you playing with my emotions. I am done believing the lies when you said you would change.

I am done trying to attain something unattainable.

I am done with giving my heart false hope.

I am done with settling for your mediocrity and lies, I deserve better.

I am done.

Are you?

(Late) Sunday Thoughts – You Can Be Happy

Starting this new month, Β want to take a bit of time each Sunday and recap all of the things that I have been feeling. I want to vent, I don’t want to keep all of my thoughts inside, just bubbling and waiting to burst. With this week, comes the issue of happiness.

If you are someone like me, you can struggle to find the good in everything, especially when we are living in these troubled times. If you ask anyone that knows me, they would say that I am one of the most positive people they know, but I think that’s changed.

Lately, I have been feeling stuck and just so awful. It’s everything! I don’t know what to do, so a couple of days ago I decided to list and write in detail the top 10 things that happened in the past week.

Some things are big, and some are small, but you have to appreciate them. Here’s my list, what’s on yours?

  1. I finally redid my bedroom! – It’s almost finished, but most of the vision that I had for the room came to fruition.
  2. I am a very closed and anxious person, but I am finally meeting up with friends. I came to realize that my moping around because my thinking of no one wanting to be my friend came from an unfriendly voice. Everyone wants to hang out with me, I just have to let them in.
  3. Shoes – I found the cutest shoes at Target and they fit better than I expected. I am totally going to look for an outfit that I can pair them with. (You know I’m going to blog that!)
  4. I was looking all over and over for a shirt I saw on a commercial and I was able to hunt it down! Not only that, but I was able to get it on sale, use a coupon and buy it for less than $2! WHATTT!!!???
  5. CATS – ALWAYS BE THANKFUL FOR CATS – My two youngest cats turn 2 and I am so happy.
  6. A new month is coming, everything that I could not do in June, it can be done in July.
  7. Adventures – I am so happy to start taking more risks, I need more adventure and excitement in my life.
  8. People read my blog! If you are reading this right now, I love you! and thank you!
  9. Shampoos that smell good – call me weird, but I love it when my hair smells nice the entire day.
  10. Possibility. Anything can happen, I just need to let go and be free!

May Playlist

Sorry for lack of updates. My computer decided to die 😦

What are you listening to?

1. Desi Valentine – Eyes on me

2. Mating Ritual – I Wear Glasses

3. Public – Make You Mine

4. Fort Lean – Quiet Day

5. James Young – We Won’t

6. Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

7. Phebe Starr – Feel My Love

8. Cherub – ❀ (Heart)

9. Beach House – Space Song

10. Dresses – Catch

11. The Young Wild – Not a one

12. The Echo Friendly – Fuck It and Whatever

13. Two Door Cinema Club – Next Year

14. The Fratellis – Whistle For The Choir

15. Kings Of Leon – Waste A Moment

16. Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels

17. Harry Styles – Sweet Creature

18. Lion Bark – Come Into My Arms

19. The Lumineers – Sleep On The Floor

20. In The Valley Below – Peaches

21. B Miles – Salt

22. Luis Fonsi – Despacito

23. Lady Gaga – Just Another Day

24. George Ezra – Blame It on Me

25. Calvin Harris – Rollin

26. Barcelona – Cure

27. The Lightning Seeds – Change

28. The Maine – Another Night On Mars

29. Tor Miller – Baby Blue

30. Bahamas – All The Time

31. The Griswolds – Anna Sun

April 2017 Playlist

  1. Drake – Passionfruit
  2. Selena Gomez – Only You
  3. Swet Shop Boys – T5
  4. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon
  5. Swet Shop Boys – Aaja
  6. Harry Styles – Sign of the Times
  7. Ahmed Rushdi – Song of Wonder
  8. The Killers – Read My Mind
  9. New Order – Bizzare Love Triangle
  10. Corona – The Rhythm of the Night
  11. Night Riots – Back to Your Love
  12. Rainbow Kitten Surprise – All That and More (Sailboat)
  13. Khalid – American Teen
  14. Moon Taxi – Morocco
  15. Tristen Beer – Promises
  16. The Technicolors – Songbird
  17. Lady Gaga – The Cure
  18. Oh Honey – Take All The Time You Need
  19. ZAYN – Like I Would
  20. Imagine Dragons – Believer
  21. Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down
  22. Lorde – Green Light
  23. Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.
  24. Houndmouth – Darlin’
  25. Seagulls – You & Me
  26. Strangers You Know – Shoot Me Down
  27. Prince – When Doves Cry
  28. Mary J. Blige – Family Affair
  29. Angus Maude – Capo 9
  30. Desi Valentine – Eyes On Me

What are you listening to?