May Playlist

Here is a list of some of the songs I was jamming to this month, what is on your playlist?

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My Oscars Review (Was I Right?)


Hello, it’s (was, since I’m putting this post up after they air) Oscar Sunday. This year I tried to watch as many of the films that were up, there were many great films nominated but only a few win. Here were my predictions for the Oscars.

What were your predictions? What was your favorite movie? What did you think about the awards?

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Blogmas Day #1 – Always Be Greatful

Hey guys, so I didn’t know I was going to do this until a couple of hours ago. I don’t do vlogmas because my life is boring and I’m sure you don’t me torturing you with my voice and camera skills.

So I’m doing Blogmas – it’s more of a personal challenge for me to keep this blog updated everyday. Today I want to talk about being greatful.

When it comes to wintertime and Christmas time, out minds and souls can get wrapped up with many thoughts. Some good, but some bad. Personally, the winter time can bring some bad thought, most of inadequacy and an emptiness.

I feel unequal because of many things. It’s my career, the things that I own, the things that I don’t have, everything. I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday, but then I remembered one thing: ALWAYS BE GREATFUL. 

Trust me, although it seems like it, I am not trying to sound preachy. But taking the time to stop and think about all the things and the people in your life can give you such a new perspective of your life.

It’s not easy but every time I start to get down, I think about all the things that make me happy and am thankful for the ability and the opportunity that I have to enjoy what I have, with the people that I have around me.

I am thankful for:

My Cats

My Parents

My Sister

Warm cookies



Having the luxury of being in a comfortable and warm house.

What are you thankful for?