Black Friday Haul!!!

It’s officially 2 weeks after Black Friday and all of my purchases have come in. I’m on a budget so I didn’t go crazy with the shopping but I got some good deals that I want to show. I bought some things from Charlotte Russe, Torrid and ColourPop.



I’ve never had a “cool jacket,” living in Chicago will have you wearing jackets that make you look like the Michelin Man. So when Charlotte Russe had a sale and free shipping, I had to get it. This jacket is $43.99 regular price, and I bought it for $20. What a score. This Moto jacket will add a little bad-ass flair to my outfits.


I have never bought anything from Torrid, mostly because everything they sell seems to be on the more expensive side, I’m more on a Forever21 budget. So when I saw these dresses on clearance, I pounced. P.S. – I love the dresses ( will feature them on future OOTD) but the only thing I did not like was the fact that Torrid charged for shipping on Black Friday ($6), while everyone else had free shipping, and this package came today – two weeks after Black Friday. All other packages came earlier, what gives? *NOTE: I had a brain fart and the $17.99 and $22.49 prices should be switched, but I’m too lazy to make another image – SORRY!

Disney Villains Lace Up Swing Dress


I bought this dress for a family Christmas party. I love it, it’s black,slimming, has sleeves and is overall gorgeous. On the dress itself, there are faces of Disney Villains embroidered in the dress. You have to look close to see them though, which is fine by me because I wouldn’t want it to be too obvious. Can’t wait to try this on.

Floral Print Challis Open Back Dress

torridfloralThis dress was the dress that cost $17.99, I bought this dress because I love florals and I love the price. I can wear this with tights in the winter, with a cardigan in the spring, wear it alone in the summer and fall. It’s a dress you can wear year-round. Love it!


I’ve never bought anything from ColourPop but my sister ordered some lipsticks and I was very interested in trying some. I got two colors.

Are N Beultra-matte-are-be_9380a16e-bce4-4526-b88e-1649ce86fa9a_1024x1024

I’m a sucker for a plum color so I bought this, I think this will look perfect in the winter months.



What’s better than a pink lipstick? A Hello Kitty lipstick! I am so excited for this, the packaging looks amazing and so does the color. Awesome! 😀

Did you buy anything on Black Friday?


Saturday OOTD – Lovesick Plus Size

Okay, forget what I said about Lovesick in the past. You live and you learn. It’s understandable, since there’s only a handful of Lovesick physical stores, most of what you can buy and the sales are online, and they don’t normally translate to their physical stores.

Anyway, here is part of what I bought! I got this red striped off-the-shoulder dress. I love this, it makes me feel classy without even trying. I’m actually contemplating wearing this for Halloween, does this make me like the red dress emoji girl? I think so.

Here is the good and the bad. The good was that Lovesick had a bogo 1/2 on most of their sale items. I bought a pair of black jeans and this dress for under $35. With the sale, I bought this dress for a little under $8, the bad thing is, it’s that it’s unavailable for sale now that they sold out 😦

But you can find more beautiful dresses and clothes, online.

Even though I’ve been a bad blogger, I will start blogging more again. I recently went a little crazy with the shopping so be on the lookout for new OOTD and hauls 😀

Unfortunately you can’t buy this store online anymore 😦 but you can visit and find so many (and deals!). Check it out!!

What I Bought Wednesday – Forever 21 (Plus Size)


I have an obsession with rompers. I love them, they are beautiful like dresses but they’re like shorts! Such a no fuss outfit, and I love anything with florals, so when I saw this romper at Forever 21, I had to have it.

I bought this in a size 2x because even though a 1x would fit, I find that they can be a bit too short on my body. I want to wear a romper, not some booty/cheeky shorts. If that’s you’re thing, go right ahead, but if not, size up.

I love the florals on the romper, perfect for summer and I love the bell sleeves that gives me a whimsical vibe. I love this so much.

You can buy this romper in stores and online for $19.99. I also have the other romper in the blue and rose pattern, so I definitely have had my fill for rompers this summer.

What’s your go-to summer clothing?

Lovesick Plus Size Haul (And Why I’m never shopping there again)

A couple of months ago, I was walking around my mall when I saw a sign on a storefront – a new plus size store coming to my mall, how exciting! I generally buy most of my clothes at JC Penny, Old Navy, and my favorite store, Forever 21. I was looking forward to this new store, Lovesick, coming into my mall because I felt that – yes, although Forever 21 offers nice plus size clothing – a girl needs more options, and what’s better than having an entire store dedicated to plus sizes?

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