Outfit of The Week – Old Navy Dress

This dress is amazing! It’s pink and it has leaves all over it. The pink makes it so pretty and feminine, but the leaves brings some summer flair to the dress.

The dress is long enough that you can feel comfortable wearing it without biker shorts or tights, you can rest easy. The dress is also lined so it adds an extra layer and protection.

You can find this dress at Old Navy HERE.

What are you wearing this summer?


What I’m Wearing – $5 Dress

To know me is to know the love I have for a bargain, so I was super excited to find this cute dress at Old Navy.

I was searching their clearance rack a couple of weeks ago when I found a couple of dresses. First of all, I have to say, “Thank you, Old Navy!,” for the confidence boost they give me when shopping at their store. I have noticed that their clothes are more of a relaxed fit and are not true to size. Obviously, always try to try on the clothes before you buy them if you can so you can avoid an extra shopping trip to a packed store. (Believe me, you don’t want to. A line at Old Navy can last you about 30 minutes)

There were so many dresses at Old Navy. I got some cute ones, but most of them fit too big on me to look nice, other times the dresses fit but they were broken (zippers broken, white dresses were dirty, etc.) and I’m not about to buy a dress that I either have to tailor (I can’t) or take to a seamstress to be able to wear (it defeats the purpose of a clearance find).

I got this red printed dress forĀ $4.99 and I am happy that I bought it. It’s red and with I can only describe as a “branch-type” print with what looks like flowers. I am four feet, eleven inches tall so this dress fit perfectly. It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too short, just what I needed. Because no one wants to be tripping over a dress or showing your money maker to everyone {unless that’s what you like, no judgement}.This dress is made up of a rayon material which does stretch, not as much as cotton, but not as fitted as polyester.

I would describe this dress as a casual one, you can wear it on a sunny Saturday out or a nice fall day with some tights/leggings if you’d like, it’s very versatile. I wore this dress for Thanksgiving with my family, I’ll probably post something about my day and what I’m thankful for later on the day. Anyway, I love this dress, I love a bargain and it’s almost tempting me to go back to Old Navy to find another one…almost.

What are your go-to stores for bargains?