Mani Monday – Light As a Feather


Hey guys! This week I wanted to do something different with my nails and I went with this very light pink/almost white color. It’s called Light As a Feather by ORLY. I bought this a while ago at Sally’s Beauty, seriously, if you want good and cheap nail polish, hit up Sally’s. They have good prices and sometimes their clearance is an extra 50% off, I paid less than $2 for this polish. I used 3 coats and then used an ORLY flexible sealcoat topcoat to finish it off. The nail polish itself claims to be a base coat, polish and coat so you only need to use that one bottle, but I am 1000% sure that if you don’t use a topcoat, it will chip within hours.

The good: I love the color, as much as I am a fan of a bright red or purple color, it’s always good to wear a nice and neutral color. I think that this color is appropriate for all occasions.

The bad: I don’t know what it is about light colors but I think that sometimes they look dirty, especially white nail polishes. I think I might have to try a better top coat or something. I also didn’t like how it looked like it was going to chip after one or two days of wearing it. I think that I would like to try more colors for me to make a solid opinion on ORLY nail polish.

All in all, I really like this polish. What’s your current nail polish?




Mani Monday (On a Tuesday)

For this week, I decided to go with polishes I found at Sally’s. They had a clearance sale and I bought 2 Orly Epix nail polishes, along with the sealing topcoat for $2.50 each, so I was very happy about the savings.  I bought Such a Criticwhich is a nice purple color. It looks like a purple color with pink undertones on the bottle.

One of the first things that I noticed was that this nail polish was super light. I used 3 coats of this nail polish. I waited around 15 minutes before applying each coat, just to make sure that the polish was dry. After the third coat, I applied the seal coat. This is the first time I use an Orly nail polish and this particular type of colors are the flexible colors. These type of nails require two steps: the color and the top coat that comes along with the line.

I love the color, it is a cute purple color and it is great for summer. The only thing that I did not like about this nail polish is that as it dried along with the top coat, the nails became streaky and uneven. If you look closely at some of my nails you can see that in the middle of the nail, it almost looks translucent.  But from far away, I guess no one will be able to tell.

I love the colors, but I just wish that the consistency was better. But for $2.50 each, I will take it!