New pens – Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencils

If you know me, then you know my love for pencils and pens. I have loved them ever since I was a little kid. Now I love them even more since I love to use them with planners, take notes and write in my journal. If it’s something that can be used to write with, then I love it. I have always loved the Pilot brand so when I found out about these cute and colorful mechanical pencils, I wanted to try them.

Here is how they looked like coming out of the package, I bought these at Amazon with a gift card I had. The reason why I mentioned the gift card is because of the price of the pens. With tax and shipping costs, these pens came to $16.60, a little steep in my opinion, but I did not pay anything since I had a gift card. If I didn’t have a gift card, I don’t think I would have bought them to be honest.

The pencils come in 8 colors (Pink, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Orange) and they are 0.7 so you can buy refills if needed. Although the colors and the pencils are super cute it became clear when I tried them out (see picture above) that these pencils aren’t practical for everyday life. Sure, if you want to take notes with these, these are nice, but some of the colors don’t show up that great on paper. Also, the pencils erased but not as well as I expected them to (like the Frixon Erasable Pens).

I won’t be using these pencils for everyday school tasks, but what I am going to be usng them is for my planner. Not everything is set in stone, so one of the things that I struggle with is writing something down in pen only to be changed to a later date, I hate it and don’t like to have scribble marks on my planner (is that weird, tell me that it’s not), so these pens will go perfectly with my planner.

Speaking of planner, I finally got a Shop Bando planner, which I will preview on Tuesday. Can’t wait!! 😀

Do you have a favorite pen or writing utensil?