May Playlist

Sorry for lack of updates. My computer decided to die ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

What are you listening to?

1. Desi Valentine โ€“ Eyes on me

2. Mating Ritual โ€“ I Wear Glasses

3. Public โ€“ Make You Mine

4. Fort Lean โ€“ Quiet Day

5. James Young โ€“ We Wonโ€™t

6. Kendrick Lamar โ€“ DNA.

7. Phebe Starr โ€“ Feel My Love

8. Cherub – โค (Heart)

9. Beach House โ€“ Space Song

10. Dresses โ€“ Catch

11. The Young Wild โ€“ Not a one

12. The Echo Friendly โ€“ Fuck It and Whatever

13. Two Door Cinema Club โ€“ Next Year

14. The Fratellis โ€“ Whistle For The Choir

15. Kings Of Leon โ€“ Waste A Moment

16. Melanie Martinez โ€“ Training Wheels

17. Harry Styles โ€“ Sweet Creature

18. Lion Bark โ€“ Come Into My Arms

19. The Lumineers โ€“ Sleep On The Floor

20. In The Valley Below โ€“ Peaches

21. B Miles โ€“ Salt

22. Luis Fonsi โ€“ Despacito

23. Lady Gaga โ€“ Just Another Day

24. George Ezra โ€“ Blame It on Me

25. Calvin Harris โ€“ Rollin

26. Barcelona โ€“ Cure

27. The Lightning Seeds โ€“ Change

28. The Maine โ€“ Another Night On Mars

29. Tor Miller โ€“ Baby Blue

30. Bahamas โ€“ All The Time

31. The Griswolds โ€“ Anna Sun

April 2017 Playlist

  1. Drake โ€“ Passionfruit
  2. Selena Gomez โ€“ Only You
  3. Swet Shop Boys โ€“ T5
  4. Culture Club โ€“ Karma Chameleon
  5. Swet Shop Boys โ€“ Aaja
  6. Harry Styles โ€“ Sign of the Times
  7. Ahmed Rushdi โ€“ Song of Wonder
  8. The Killers โ€“ Read My Mind
  9. New Order โ€“ Bizzare Love Triangle
  10. Corona โ€“ The Rhythm of the Night
  11. Night Riots โ€“ Back to Your Love
  12. Rainbow Kitten Surprise โ€“ All That and More (Sailboat)
  13. Khalid โ€“ American Teen
  14. Moon Taxi โ€“ Morocco
  15. Tristen Beer โ€“ Promises
  16. The Technicolors โ€“ Songbird
  17. Lady Gaga โ€“ The Cure
  18. Oh Honey โ€“ Take All The Time You Need
  19. ZAYN โ€“ Like I Would
  20. Imagine Dragons โ€“ Believer
  21. Johnny Cash โ€“ Godโ€™s Gonna Cut You Down
  22. Lorde โ€“ Green Light
  23. Kendrick Lamar โ€“ HUMBLE.
  24. Houndmouth โ€“ Darlinโ€™
  25. Seagulls โ€“ You & Me
  26. Strangers You Know โ€“ Shoot Me Down
  27. Prince โ€“ When Doves Cry
  28. Mary J. Blige โ€“ Family Affair
  29. Angus Maude โ€“ Capo 9
  30. Desi Valentine โ€“ Eyes On Me

What are you listening to?

March Playlistย 

These are some of the songs that I listened to this month. What have you been listening to?

  1. Lana Del Ray โ€“ Love
  2. Family Of The Year โ€“ Hero
  3. Macy Gray โ€“ Kissed It
  4. Phil Collins โ€“ Another Day In Paradise
  5. Laura Branigan โ€“ Self Control
  6. Chris Young โ€“ Gettinโ€™ You Home
  7. Everclear โ€“ I Will Buy You A New Life
  8. I Am Arrows โ€“ Another Picture Of You
  9. The Afters โ€“ Beautiful Love
  10. Amber Run โ€“ I Found
  11. Doc Robinson โ€“ Golden Daze
  12. Morningsiders โ€“ Empress
  13. Ben Kweller โ€“ Out The Door
  14. The Cinematic Orchestra โ€“ To Build A Home
  15. The Head And The Heart โ€“ Rivers and Roads
  16. Aquilo โ€“ Silhouette
  17. Saint Motel โ€“ Cold Cold Man
  18. JR JR โ€“ Gone
  19. HOLYCHILD โ€“ Happy With Me
  20. Hayley Kiyoko โ€“ Gravel To Tempo
  21. Drake โ€“ Get It Together
  22. J Balvin โ€“ Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola
  23. The Griswolds โ€“ Beware The Dog
  24. Saint Motel โ€“ My Type
  25. Knox Hamilton โ€“ Work It Out
  26. Wild Cub โ€“ Thunder Clatter
  27. Kanye West โ€“ The New Workout Plan
  28. Rocio Durcal โ€“ Costumbres
  29. Santo & Johnny โ€“ Sleepwalk
  30. Ariana Grande โ€“ Thinking Bout You
  31. Miranda Lambert โ€“ Mamaโ€™s Broken Heart

January Playlistย 

For this year, I wanted to do something that would make me happy while there’s a bunch of bullshit going around in the world. I wanted to make a playlist, a playlist that would span the entire year. My plan is to add a song, everyday, for one entire year. Although some songs are relatively new, time-wise, I made it a point to only add songs that I have discovered or ones that I have listened to after haven’t listened to them in a long time

Instead of posting one post for every song, everyday, I think I’m just going to do one playlist post at the end of the month. If anyone likes this idea, comment below and I can make this Spotify playlist public and share it with everyone.

I post this songs on my journal, but I will also type them all down just in case you can’t read my handwriting.

What are some songs you’ve listened to this month? It doesn’t have to be a new song, just new to you. Continue reading