Mani Monday – Red

Update on my computer: it’s dead. I’ll get a new one by the end of the week so life (and posts) willl go back to normal. You never know how bad I needed my laptop til I didn’t have it. Here’s a mani Monday that was a bit of a fail.

This mani only lasted 3 days before my nails got so ratchet I had to take it off

I used Sinful Colors’ Dream On. At first I loved the purple-ish color on the bottle. The formula was matte which I didn’t like, so I used my orly topcoat and changed many things. The color changed to a more red color and the Polish was no longer matte. Maybe that contributed to the chipping. Less than 5 days later the nail polish had totally chipped. My nails were so ugly I decided to just take off the nail polish.

Mani Monday (On a Tuesday)

For this week, I decided to go with polishes I found at Sally’s. They had a clearance sale and I bought 2 Orly Epix nail polishes, along with the sealing topcoat for $2.50 each, so I was very happy about the savings.  I bought Such a Criticwhich is a nice purple color. It looks like a purple color with pink undertones on the bottle.

One of the first things that I noticed was that this nail polish was super light. I used 3 coats of this nail polish. I waited around 15 minutes before applying each coat, just to make sure that the polish was dry. After the third coat, I applied the seal coat. This is the first time I use an Orly nail polish and this particular type of colors are the flexible colors. These type of nails require two steps: the color and the top coat that comes along with the line.

I love the color, it is a cute purple color and it is great for summer. The only thing that I did not like about this nail polish is that as it dried along with the top coat, the nails became streaky and uneven. If you look closely at some of my nails you can see that in the middle of the nail, it almost looks translucent.  But from far away, I guess no one will be able to tell.

I love the colors, but I just wish that the consistency was better. But for $2.50 each, I will take it!

Mani Monday- Jazzy Jade

For this week, I decided to go green…jazzy green. I’ve had this Sally Hansen, Jazzy Jade nail polish for a couple of years and I absolutely love this color of green. It’s bright but not Christmas-y. It makes my nails look like jewels and I adore it.

I used two coats of this polish along with a coat of the Wet n Wild nail protector/top coat. I don’t exactly remember how much it was, but I think I got it for under $1, so far so good. Although the first couple of times I used the top coat, it made the colors run. It works amazing with other Wet n Wild polishes though.

I need suggestions: I want to try other green nails, when I say green…I mean GREEN! Like forest green. What colors/brands do you suggest?

Take Care!

Planner Tuesday (Spread – Week 1)

For this year, I kind of went overboard. I didn’t intend to, but it just sort of happened. I already had my ShopBando agenda (the pink floral one) since last year (it started on August 2016). I also already owned a Moleskine planner from over the summer, I will use that to bullet journal and make my own scrapbook/journal out of it. The smaller floral one, is from Amazon courtesy of my sister.

My plan was to just get a small planner, something smaller and lighter than the Bando one for when my backpack was stuffed or when I wanted it for on-the-go. That was the plan. But last week Michaels had a sale on all of their recollection planners, they were 50% off, so I went to the store and fell in love with this llama planer – so cute!

Originally, it was $29.99, got it for $14.99, as of now they are on sale for $20.99, but remember Michaels always has coupons (especially 50% off regular price items) so if it’s not on sale, you might find a better deal using a coupon. Here is a link to the  Llama Zippered Planner By Recollections™ I bought.

To see how I am decorating/my first weekly spread. Read on! 😀 Continue reading

Nails of the week! – Holographic (kinda) nails for less than $5

For this week, I was originally planning on doing a dark red nail with glitter on top but when I went to my local Meijer store and saw this super cool looking nail polish (watch video above) I just had to have it. Instead of pictures, I chose video for this post because pictures really don’t do this nail polish justice.

This polish is called Let Me Go by Sinful Colors, it’s this crazy looking polish (as you look at the bottle, you see so many colors – blue, purple, silver, pink – it’s awesome!). And once, I saw it…I immediately bought it.

Now when I say “holographic nails (kinda),” I mean that these look like holographic nails, but they’re not the real deal. There are times when it does look holo bu there are times when this nail polish looks straight up silver. Either way, this nail polish cost less than $3 and gave me an amazing holographic nail dupe.

Since this nail polish is very sheer, I used 3 coats of this nail polish to create this effect. I waited about 20 minutes between coats to make sure that they were dry. To keep my nails from chipping, I also used my Sally Hansen top coat to finish it off.

If you’re looking for some holographic (ish) nails and don’t want to get them done at the salon, or DIY them, try this nail polish! 😀