What I’m wearing Wednesday. Featuring Target

Long time no Outfit of the day post. For this WIWW post, I am wearing a dress from Target. It is the Women’s Embroidered V-Neck Dress from Xhileration

I love this dress because it features one of my favorite things – embroidery. It features little diamond-like embroidery with some colorful embroidery on the collar and down by the bust.

I love this dress because it’s black and it goes with everything, but there are some things that could be improved. The fabric does tend to wrinkle very quickly so you need to watch it, you don’t want to look ratchet while wearing this dress. I also have to note that this is a junior’s dress and maybe that is why I think this dress runs very short. I wore tights with this dress because it’s still winter but I would also wear them during any other seasons because it would be too revealing for me.

Here’s how the dress looks like on the Target website/model



What I Bought Wednesday – Forever 21 (Plus Size)


I have an obsession with rompers. I love them, they are beautiful like dresses but they’re like shorts! Such a no fuss outfit, and I love anything with florals, so when I saw this romper at Forever 21, I had to have it.

I bought this in a size 2x because even though a 1x would fit, I find that they can be a bit too short on my body. I want to wear a romper, not some booty/cheeky shorts. If that’s you’re thing, go right ahead, but if not, size up.

I love the florals on the romper, perfect for summer and I love the bell sleeves that gives me a whimsical vibe. I love this so much.

You can buy this romper in stores and online for $19.99. I also have the other romper in the blue and rose pattern, so I definitely have had my fill for rompers this summer.

What’s your go-to summer clothing?

What I’m Wearing Wednesday – My New Bag!

As you can infer from the title, I bought a new bag!! 😀 I’m so excited. I wasn’t in the market for a new bag but TJMaxx had free shipping on their site and I couldn’t help but browse through the website. (That’s how they always get you.) I browsed and found a couple of bags that I liked but, I don’t know, I just fell in love with this one. It’s probably the lavender color to be honest.

This is the BCBG Studded Caviar Crossbody, this one is in lavender but there are different colors available such as apple and orange. I love this bag because I love the color and the studs, I think it’s a wonderful combination and it’s also somewhat of a “grown-up” bag for me. The last purse that I bought had a cat on it – don’t get me wrong, I love it – but I want something that I can wear to more formal events. By the way, I think I’ll post a What’s In My Bag post soon. I bought this bag for $20, that’s why I was shocked when I saw the ticket price on the bag, $148!!! What the what??! I love getting a deal.

Even though I love this bag, I do have some reservations about this bag. This bag is really small, it’s about 7 inches in length so I need to find a wallet that will fit inside. Let me know if you have any suggestions on small wallets. I mainly need one to carry some cash and my ID cards.

What bag are you rocking right now?

Plus Size Clothing Haul + I need your opinion!

I’ve been doing a bit of shopping over the past couple of weeks. Blame the higher temperatures and the free shipping, but I’ve been buying a lot of shorts, skirts and dresses. Here are some of the things that I have bought and an item (a jacket) that I am thinking of buying.

So here we go…

There’s a new store in my mall called LoveSick that caters to the plus size girl that wants to be fashionable. I would describe this store as a torrid-style store with Forever 21 prices. I purchased a floral lace top with some shorts. I feel like they would pair well together. I did buy these items during the Memorial Day sale, which was buy one get one free on all clearance items. I had to take this opportunity. I paid $15.99 for both items and since I opted to get the order delivered to the store, shipping was free. Such a score!

Next up is a Forever 21 skirt. I bought it because it was on sale and Forever 21 was having free shipping, something that I could not pass up. I also bought it because I have a lot of dresses but not a lot of skirts, and a skirt can up your outfit. You can tuck a graphic tee under the skirt and it will instantly give your outfit a pop of color and girlyness. Love it. I chose this color because I don’t own anything of this color and I thought it would be fun to wear this summer.


Now I need your help! I don’t know whether I should get this jacket from Old Navy. I know, I know, it’s the beginning of summer, we shouldn’t be thinking about jackets right now, but I am in love with this jacket. I love the color and the texture. It’s lightweight which is great for the times when it’s chilly outside. Perfect for the fall and maybe early winter. Should I get this jacket? Leave your thoughts.


What I’m Wearing Wednesday – Lauren Conrad

It had been over a year since I’ve been to Kohl’s and a looong time since I’ve browsed their clothing. Being plus sized, I always thought that there was nothing there for me to wear. “Those dresses and clothes are made for the petite, I have to go and look at the “women’s” section, where the only things I would find would make me look old and frumpy, I think that is a big issue plus sized women feel. Either we buy things from Forever21 that could be a bit too short, a bit too young…or we get stuck wearing grandma sweaters. No bueno! But I fell in love with the Lauren Conrad’s Alice In Wonderland collection from the moment I saw it.

It features amazing pieces like dresses and blouses that can be paired up with a cute short, something that is sweet and dainty. Something you could wear to a tea party. Since I didn’t get the Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s memo, I did not know that this was nothing new. She has done other collections before, but I am glad I’m in the know now.

I have two frustrations in my life, I am fat and short. Not a great combination to have, but you have to work with what you are given. I fell in love with many of the pieces in her collection, mostly with a tea cup/tea pot dress that I ultimately bought and a the first cute white dress, but being a short person, I knew that the dress would swallow me up. I’m just too short. At my Kohl’s, I did not find any dresses or clothing that went past a Large so I was a bit disappointed.

About a week after, I saw an ad that featured the dress…and it was on sale. That was my a-ha moment. I could buy it online! And that’s what I did.

Here is what the dress looks like with and without a cardigan.

Here is a close-up of the dress. I love the cute bow detail. It is so cute.
  Even the tags are cute!! 😀